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Politician's Treasure Chest

This is my latest piece of metal work - a treasure chest that a politician would keep on his shelf.  Something that would look cool and show the voters what that politician wanted them to see.  On "special" days, like Veterans Day or July 4th, they open the door and let the veterans out - when it was convienent.  When no longer convenient (like budget balancing times) the politician can easily sweep the veterans back in the box and close the door then put it back on the shelf, out of site out of mind.

The front side is the "pretty" side that the politicians want everyone to see with part of our code of conduct engraved on it.  Duty Honor Country on the sides is a term familiar with every veteran, and on the door is the Oath of Enlistment and on the bottom is my old signature block.  The handle is a sillhouette of a veteran; actually a self portrait.  But the back side is the hidden "ugly" side - representing the Veteran's POV.  The pawn has became bent from carrying the weight of the Pentagon.


"Veterans" are represented by many awards and metals that have been worn on our uniforms. 

Container made from brass, representing the Brass that leads our military.  Pawn made from cast Bronze, reminiscant of many military monuments in most towns.  Pull tab made from Brass and Copper.

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