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Photography is more than a hobby for me.  It's an excuse to become one with nature.  I love going outside, finding a hiking trail, and becoming one with nature.  I enjoy looking at the landscape; the shape of the ground, the layers of the geology, the textures of rocks, and the sound of wind and water.  Our planet, weather and solar system all work in harmony and it fascinates me.  I also love history, and I enjoy exploring ghost towns and historic areas.  Many of my images are from state and national parks and monuments.  I'm always up for a road trip somewhere.

I've discovered the Artist in Residence program in many National Parks, and I'm hooked!  To actually LIVE in one of these parks as a resident artist and enjoy almost free reign to find inspiration is amazing.  I plan to keep applying each year and experience everything I can.

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  • Silver Wolfe (Wednesday, September 02 15 01:56 am EDT)

    LOVE the playa lake milky way time lapse - are the green shades the northern lights, too?!!!

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