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Melany's Art


These are some of my favorite night sky images - click the link to see a larger view.

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Landscape in the Moonlight
An amazing mesa with lots of falling petrified logs under the milky way in the Petrified Forest National Park MilkyWay over Petrified Log Fall
Big Dipper Over the Painted Desert Inn
Agate House at Night
Night Watch
Through Time
I Wonder
Geology and Space
The Mind Belonged to Heaven...
Moon, Jupiter, Venus, and Regulus
Venus and Jupiter over Caprock Canyons
Perseids Over Caprock Canyons
Moonlit Path
Broken Arch and Milkyway
Neapolitan Milkyway
Dizzy MilkyWay
Circle of Time
Lizards and the MilkyWay
Timeless Beauty
Layers of Time
Life Stands Still in Rural Texas
Wish upon a star WISH UPON A STAR
Five Billion Star Hotel
The Falling Star
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